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Commercial Electrician

Looking for a commercial electrician near you? The team at Atomic Electric specializes in: 

  • Boardroom Wiring
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Alarm System Wiring
  • Floor, Ceiling, and Wall Outlets
  • Generator and Standby Generator Installation
  • HVAC Wiring
  • Parking Lot Light Installation and Trench Electrical Wiring
  • Security System Installation
  • Signage Lighting
  • Stage and Event Wiring
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Residential Electrician

Looking for an residential electrician near you? The team at Atomic Electric specializes in:

  • Climate Controllers and Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Furnace Wiring
  • Garbage Disposals and Kitchen Appliances
  • HVAC Wiring
  • iPhone and Android Device Charging Stations
  • Lighting Switches and Dimmers
  • Service Panel and Breaker Box Upgrades
  • Solar Panels
  • Tesla Powering Stations
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Industrial Electrician

Looking for a industrial electrician near you? The team at Atomic Electric specializes in: 

  • Battery charging stations for forklifts
  • Control wiring for automation
  • Emergency eye washing water heaters
  • Hazardous locations work, all classes and all divisions
  • Rigid conduit work - up to six inches
  • System hydrogen sensing systems
  • UL system or other listed systems
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Marine Electrician

Installing different types of lighting in a marina presents unique challenges for electricians. The average electrical sign contractors won’t be enough to cover all of the potential challenges you may encounter. With marinas, the underwater electrical work that you will be performing has more than just the immediate impact on the particular dock you are working. Surrounding docks can have a direct effect on yours and cause potential problems.

When working in marinas, performing electrical work underwater can prove challenging—we take the proper safety precautions to ensure that the wiring done underneath the surface does not pose a danger to people using the marina.



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